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Reliable Fuse Box Upgrades

Electricity is the main source of power, light and heat for almost all businesses. With its numerous advantages, electricity may still cause problems if applications are not regulated properly. An overloaded electrical fuse may damage an appliance or similar utility that is connected to a power supply line. In worse cases, this can cause a risk of fire, electrical shock or even loss of life. Overloaded fuses often cause unexpected power outages and failures, which can potentially inconvenience and compromise financial prospects for businesses. A circuit breaker is designed to disconnect the power from the main source when too large of an electrical load tries to pass through it. This significantly decreases the risk of damage imposed to your home or business.

Arundel Electrical Contractors LLC Is Your Certified Electrician for Breaker Upgrades

At Arundel Electrical Contractors LLC, we offer high-quality, fast, reliable and effective electrical service upgrades, corrections, installations, replacements and inspections at prices business owners can agree on. Our passion is electricity, and our vision is to provide our clients with the best electrical services possible. We are constantly increasing our knowledge and learning new tools and techniques that help us stay ahead of the game in our industry. As leaders in our field, we believe that knowledge fuels passion, and we are committed to the high-quality service that it yields for our customers.

Fuse Box and Circuit Breaker Services

The traditional fuse is made of glass and is designed for one-time use. That means that when the fuse blows, it cannot be reset and needs to be replaced. In some cases, there are self-resetting fuses, but they require a certain amount of time to heal; therefore, restoring the power to your home or business after an outage will not be instant if you have a fuse system setup. This can be extremely inconvenient depending on your electrical needs and lifestyle.

On the other hand, a circuit breaker is designed as a multiple use devise. It generally has two mechanisms for breaking an electrical current: in the event of an overloaded circuit the circuit will open, thus disconnecting it from the main power source and avoiding a power outage; thereby reducing risk of fire or electrical shock. The circuit breaker is designed to be reset after this occurs by simply flipping a switch on the main breaker box panel; therefore, it is evident that circuit breakers offer more significant protection against power overloads and other dangers.

Electrical Panel Specialists

Circuit breakers are for the most part, larger and costlier than a fuse system; however, once you factor in how much money you'll be saving on insurance fees and repair costs, you will quickly understand why it is the optimal choice for business owners. If you are interested in a fuse to breaker upgrade look no further-call Arundel Electrical Contractors LLC today and start saving money!

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