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Electrical Inspections and Corrections

Welcome to Arundel Electrical Contractors LLC, the trusted commercial and industrial electrician. We are a company that specializes in many electrical services, one of them being electrical corrections and inspections. If you have acquired an older building or if you are moving to a new site, it is imperative that the electrical connections and wiring be checked. This is to ensure safety and to make sure that your building is up-to-date on all local safety codes. Failing to meet these standards can result in expensive fines and will put your building at risk of fires and other hazardous situations. An electrical inspection is required by most insurance companies as part of a periodic maintenance program.

Hiring a professional electrician to inspect your commercial or industrial property can protect you against many issues. The following are a list of benefits to having a professional electrical inspection take place on your property:

  • Early detection of electric shocks
  • Avoiding expensive repairs
  • Preventing fire and combustion
  • Saving energy costs
  • ...and much more

Industrial Electrician

At Arundel Electrical Contractors LLC, we provide extensive maintenance, diagnostic and analytic services using the latest technologies and the best instrumentation available for measurement and evaluation. An important aspect of our preventive maintenance program is an infrared thermographic inspection, which has been recognized as the fastest and most cost-effective inspection technique for electrical equipment. Infrared thermographic inspections can detect any hidden weaknesses and defects before they cause equipment failure.

At Arundel Electrical Contractors LLC, we test your electrical system using our high-tech, industry standard thermographic equipment. Only after it is rigorously tested, we officially verify the state of your electrical system. With Arundel Electrical Contractors LLC, you can count on us being thorough. A typical list of equipment checked during preventive maintenance; includes circuit breakers, disconnectors, protective relays, transformers, AC and DC motor control center as well as cables and connectors that are high and low voltage stations. The following is a list of popular services that we offer to our clients:

  • Test and verification of circuit breakers
  • Relay tests
  • Private measurements
  • Electrical emergency plans
  • Emergency calls
  • Emergency generator systems
  • External and indoor high voltage substations
  • Hydro line transfers
  • Installation and repair of high voltage cables
  • Preventive maintenance of high and low voltage substations
  • High voltage cable and transformer tests
  • Oil transformer repairs
  • Oil tests
  • Power factor corrections
  • Repair, refurbish and rebuild electrical equipment
  • Thermographic inspections
  • Circuit analysis

Friendly and Professional Master Electricians

If you are a commercial or industrial business owner and are looking for a trustworthy, professional and proven master electrician to inspect your business-look no further. We will be on-site quickly after receiving your call to perform a thorough inspection and any necessary corrections. Our fast, friendly and reliable service has been a favorite among business owners for many years. Knowledgeable, courteous and detail-oriented are just a few ways that our clients like to describe us. Don't hesitate, call us today to ensure your electrical system is safe and up-to-date!

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