Fuse to Breaker Upgrades in Annapolis

Fuse Boxes: What Are They?

It is a commonly believed that fuse boxes are dangerous. This is a misconception, as fuse boxes are perfectly safe if installed correctly. There are many problems that are associated with fuse boxes that make a clear case for upgrading to a breaker box. As a Annapolis home or business owner, if you have moved into an older building with a fuse box, you probably are aware that you will need to upgrade to a breaker box. In the following article, we will help you understand why and outline some of the basic information that you should know about fuse to breaker upgrades. We know that as home and business owners, finding a company that you can trust to upgrade your fuse system can be challenging. At Arundel Electrical Contractors LLC, we believe in educating our clients, which is why we are happy to provide you with all the information that you need to make an informed decision.

Which Is Safer a Fuse Box or an Electrical Breaker?

Depending on your needs, both are very safe; however, power outages are more common with fuse boxes. This is mainly because a fuse box can only sustain the allotted amperage that it is compatible with. Often, any more than 15-amps will cause the power to blow; therefore, rather than it being a question of safety, it’s more one of convenience. Circuit breakers can be reset after they have blown (due to an over use of power). This makes it more affordable and convenient, albeit not less safe. The primary advantage to circuit breakers as opposed to fuses is that circuit breakers are reusable. This makes it more affordable and sustainable as it produces less waste.

Breaker Box Wiring in Annapolis

A typical fuse box is not capable of sufficiently facilitating power that is used in today’s modern homes and businesses. That is why most people opt for circuit breakers, as they have far more capability. Different appliances and areas of a home can be subdivided, leaving more room on a circuit to power all different parts. Fuse boxes can easily overload, causing much frustration for Annapolis home and business owners.

Cost to Replace Electrical Panel in Annapolis

Our service depends on your specific needs, the model of your fuse box and how many circuits you need wired. Typically, a fuse to breaker upgrade can cost anywhere between $1000 - $2000. As previously mentioned, the price may fluctuate if your wiring needs continue to grow.

Call Arundel Electrical Contractors LLC today to find out about our specific fuse to breaker upgrade services. We are available to service you at your convenience and are happy to work after hours if need be to minimize the distraction in your work place. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you modernize your electrical service to get the most use out of it!